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Education is changing. It’s time to change with it. Our plus service is for organizations and entrepreneurs who want to scale Thinkific and help build the future of online learning.

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thinkific brand integrity


cross-site brand experience

Your online learning environment should flow seamlessly for your customers. From your website, to your social channels, to your course, it should feel like one experience. Our creative team will strategize and implement a solution that creates total visual continuity for your brand, course included.

Market Leadership

Increase Revenue, Improve Retention

Attract new audiences and accelerate their path to conversion. Use education to make customers platform experts. Build industry awareness as a market leader, and do it at scale. We have a blueprint and team to plan and execute at every juncture. You’re in good hands.

online course leadership


Personalize the Student Experience

We have a variety of models and tools for enhancing the student experience by personalizing it. Your course or membership should feel like it’s designed for the individual. We'll help you achieve that.

Onboarding Experiences

Onboard and Train Remote Employees

COVID-19 changed employee training forever. A well designed online learning platform will give you confidence to make new hires, remote or local, and set them up for success. Train employees on your company mission and values, build their work specific skills online, and shortcut their path to productivity.

Membership Setup

Generate Recurring Income, Activate your Community

The membership model is among the most interesting ways to monetize your knowledge. We’ve borrowed much of what we’ve learned from MasterClass and Thinkific and leveraged it into a model to help creators design a subscription service students love, and are willing to pay for on a recurring basis.

Custom Features and INtegrations

Extend Thinkific to fit your business

Our team has the technical and strategic expertise to help you scope and execute on any integration, custom feature, or project you need built on Thinkific. Whether your course is a supplement or at the centre of your business we’ll make sure it’s positioned strategically for success.

Design and Development

Your Thinkific Partner for Custom Design and Development

Launching a robust Thinkific implementation can be daunting. Let us help you craft an experience that exceeds the expectations of your customers, so much so they won’t be able to stop talking about it. This is what we do and what we love.

We’re excited to work together.

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